Why taking a collagen supplement is good for your skin

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for a variety of things in your body, including healthy skin.  It is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, and is present in your bones, muscles, and blood. It makes up 3/4 of your skin, and 1/3 of the total protein in your entire body.  

 Other functions of collagen include, helping your blood to clot, helping new skin cells replace the old, dead skin cells and allow ones to grow.  It also helps create a protective covering over your organs.  

 There are several different types of collagen. Scientists have discovered a total of 29! There are 5 main types though: 

Type I- gives strength to your skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons

Type II- helps make up the flexible cartilage for joint support

Type III- found in internal organs, blood vessels, and muscles 

Type IV- found in several layers of your skin

Type V- found in the corneas of your eyes and some layers of your skin and hair. 

 Collagen provides strength and structure to our bodies.  It is constantly being produced within our bodies by the combination of amino acids.  These amino acids are being fed by nutrients such as Proline, Glycine, Vitamin C, Zinc and Copper. Consuming these nutrients is essential to ensure this collagen building process continues as efficiently as possible. As we get older, our body breaks down its existing stores of collagen, and its harder to replace those stores with natural collagen production.

 One of the easiest things to do, is to take collagen by mouth to help replace the collagen that is being depleted because of increasing age.  Collagen itself can’t be abosrbed in its whole form, so it must first be broken down. Collagen peptides, or hydrolyzed collagen are tiny pieces of animal collagen (from beef, chicken, fish, and egg shell membranes) that are readily absorbed in your digestive tract.  

 Collagen powder is the easiest of any collagen supplement to take, because you an adjust the dosage if you wish, and add it to any food or beverage.  Youthful Balance Collagen Peptides contain ONLY collagen. No fillers, no sugar, no flavor or color.  

 1 canister of our Collagen Peptides Powder will last you 30 days if taken once daily.  Some great ideas on how to take your Peptides Powder include: 

 Mixing it into a protein shake or smoothy every morning. 

Adding it to your coffee. 

Adding it to your oatmeal.

 It doesn’t have a taste or smell, so it is easily hidden in most food or drinks.  

 One of the best things about Youthful Balance Collagen Peptides Powder is that this is a protein that can be added to your total protein intake! A super easy way to get an extra 7 grams of protein. 


Beth Hoopes, PharmD. 

Founder of Youthful Balance