Skin Issues...What do you do??

One of the questions I get a lot is, “how do I deal with my _____ skin issue with your products?” This is a hard question to answer, and one I’d like to address.  


There are a plethora of skin issues that can arise in various forms.  They range from acne to dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis.  Each person is different and different things work for different people.  If you have a skin issue that is more than a mild case of dry skin or mild acne I always suggest going to a dermatologist to get a clear diagnosis of what is going on.  


Once you know what you have, you are better prepared on how to deal with it.  Once your dermatologist gives you an answer, you can start to use your other resources (like me!) to try to tackle what ails you.  As you know I am a pharmacist, so I do have a pretty good knowledge base of different skin issues and how to treat them.  


Sometimes, Youthful Balance products work for mild issues.  Sometimes, they won’t. That’s why its important to know what you are dealing with ahead of time.  I have had several customers of mine have tremendous results with my products, and some who don’t but it requires a little trial and error to get there.  You don’t know if its going to work unless you actually try it, right?  And I”m not talking trying something one time and loving it or hating it immediately.  You have to keep going for a few days to get your skin used to something. 


Consistency is very important in skincare.  Sometimes your skin doesn’t know what to do with certain products. So, its very important to start slowly, one product at a time, and figure out over time what works and what doesn’t.  Once you’ve done that, stick with a weekly routine that works for you, and you alone.  If its working for you, stick with it- If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


One of my favorite products, my facial oil has been shown to help in a lot of situations.  I know, I know…. Facial oil is not something that everyone puts on their skin.  But this facial oil is an active facial oil that contains ingredients that will help decrease the appearance of inflammation that is associated with things like eczema and psoriasis.  It is also non-comedogenic so It will not clog your pores.  Oil on acne?? Are you kidding me?? Nope,not at all.  Our facial oil has been shown to actually decrease oil production over time to help you achieve more balanced skin. Did you ever wonder where I came up with the name Youthful Balance? There you go! 


I digress… going back to the facial oil- when I said that it helps with issues like eczema and psoriasis, it definitely can but it won’t help with things like rosacea.  So, please be aware of that.  Rosacea is very tricky and can flare with a ton of different products.  If you have a diagnosis of rosacea, you have to be even more careful on what products to choose.  NO active ingredients is usually the answer any derm will give you. With the YB lineup, that includes anything with fragrance, retinoids (Intense retinol Night Treatment, and Wrinkle Recovery) AHA’s, and sometimes even hyaluronic acid.  You even have to be careful with that you eat. Tread lightly when dealing with rosacea, friends.  The milder, the better! 


Please reach out to me if you know what you have, and if you would like advice on what to try from Youthful Balance.  Heck, I’ve even recommended other products that I don’t even carry!   I just want to help you get the best skin of your life.  Be prepared for me to ask you several questions to help better understand your issue.  But I am here for YOU! 


Thank you once again for supporting my little business, and allowing me to run with this dream of mine to create an amazing skin care brand! 


XOX Beth 


Beth Hoopes, PharmD

Founder of Youthful Balance